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How to configure uTorrent / BitTorrent to download at our maximum Internet Speed

Imagini pentru fast net speed

I'm sure every person wants to use their net at maximum powers, well, that helps especially when using uTorrent / BitTorrent to get a game / movie / album, etc. , much faster.

Please note that It's impossible to download at the exact speed specified in your contract provided by the ISP. Everytime you download something from the Internet, your download speed is exactly the speed that you currently have(, divided by 8.

( -> 75Mbps)
(uTorrent/BitTorrent/Browser Download -> 75/8=9.375 Mbps)

RJ45 Ehternet Cable
( -> 441Mbps)
(uTorrent/BitTorrent/Browser Download -> 441/8=55.125 Mbps)

To increase the download speed of the two programs, we will follow these steps:

1. Go into uTorrent / BitTorrent and go to Options & Preferences.
2. We will select the bandwidth from the left menu and then look for "Number of connections"

Here we will make the following settings:
Global maximum number of connections: 9999
Maximum number of connected peers per torrent: 9999
Number of upload slots per torrent: does not matter

Then we will also go from the right menu to BitTorrent. We are looking for "Protocol encryption" and Outgoing will select "Forced".

3.After we did all of this we will go to the torrent we have to download, we will right click on it and we will press Force Start.

Please also take in condiseration that a torrent may also download slow for you due to lack of seeders! Seed torrents as long as you can!

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