Wednesday, January 10, 2018


How to be The Only Player(Solo) in a Public session in GTA Online (PC Only)

Imagini pentru GTA Online solo

I know that feel when you try to do CEO work or any other stuff in a public session and some kid destroys your work with his Hydra or a Rhino Tank.

Here is how you do it on PC:

Start GTA V -> Load Public Online Session and wait until you have control of your character

Alt-Tab in Windows and Open Task Manager(Left Ctrl + Left Shift + Esc on your keyboard)

Click on More details

Click on Performance Tab

Click on Open Resource Monitor

From here right click on GTA5.exe and select Suspend Process

Wait 10-15 seconds 

Right click on GTA5.exe and select Resume Process

Close Task Manager and go back into GTA Online

In the Left of your screen, right above the Radar, you will see that everybody magically leaves your session.

You will see this notification shortly after that.

PLEASE NOTE! You will be alone in a session but players can randomly join yours!

Your friends can also simply join your session from the 'Friends' tab in the menu!


  1. Cu aceasta configuratie, e clar ca nu o sa ruleze GTA 5. Ai mai jos cerintele minime pentru el.

  2. Mulțumim Mr. Expert, chiar nu știam că pe un proc Single Core de laptop cu 1GB RAM nu se poate rula GTA 5.