Saturday, January 13, 2018


3 Methods of playing YouTube music in the background (Android)

Most of us want to listen to a music playlist / music mix / live radio podcasts on YouTube.
But it's so frustrating that you can't do it simply from the Official YouTube app.
Here are 3 simple ways to listen to whatever on YouTube in the background and/or with screen locked.

1. Black Screen Of Life

"Turn off the screen while listening to music videos and greatly increase your battery life."

How to Use:

1. Enable BSoL 
2. Run your app 
3. Block the proximity sensor 
Screen is off and your app is still playing!

Video tutorial:

Download it here

2.Mozilla Firefox

Imagini pentru firefox android

1. Open YouTube in Mozilla
2. Search for your video
3. Play video
4. Do whatever you want (lock screen, etc.)

Download here.


Imagini pentru suamp

1. Download Suamp
2. Search for your video
3. Enjoy music in background/ lock screen

Pros: Can import playlists from YT
Can modify equalizer directly

Cons: Bad Audio Quality
Sometimes gives errors while playing/ trying to play music
Unable to play livestreams

Download here

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