Sunday, January 28, 2018


Why it's important to change your default password on a Tenda Wireless Router

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Whenever you walk around with your phone, looking for Free Wi-Fi, you may come accross some SSIDs named Tenda_XXXXXX. That is the Default SSID of any Tenda router. However, most people don't change the default password, and it's really bad.

I was able to connect to a Wi-Fi that had the SSID listed above, because the default password for Tenda Routers is 12345678

So, if you own a Tenda router, then jump into your Settings Page, by going to into your browser and change your password and change or hide your SSID.

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Sunday, January 14, 2018


How to switch back to the old YouTube Layout(Working as of 2018!)


Back in August 2017,  YouTube got a major layout change that made many people confused of this new design (So was I).

If you don't like this new layout or have problems with it finding your way to reading comments for example, here is a quick and easy fix to get to the old YouTube layout(pre 2017)

1. Click on your user icon in the top right corner.

2. Click on “Restore old YouTube”.

3. Select anything you want, and provide a reason.

(e.g: I selected "I don't like the new design". I filled in "I don't like the new design. It is so confusing. It doesn't appeal to me. I was familiarized with the old design." in the reason box.)

4. Click “Submit”.

5. The page will reload automatically and you should now have the old layout!.

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Tutorial by TheTigerBeast @ January 2018!

Saturday, January 13, 2018


3 Methods of playing YouTube music in the background (Android)

Most of us want to listen to a music playlist / music mix / live radio podcasts on YouTube.
But it's so frustrating that you can't do it simply from the Official YouTube app.
Here are 3 simple ways to listen to whatever on YouTube in the background and/or with screen locked.

1. Black Screen Of Life

"Turn off the screen while listening to music videos and greatly increase your battery life."

How to Use:

1. Enable BSoL 
2. Run your app 
3. Block the proximity sensor 
Screen is off and your app is still playing!

Video tutorial:

Download it here

2.Mozilla Firefox

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1. Open YouTube in Mozilla
2. Search for your video
3. Play video
4. Do whatever you want (lock screen, etc.)

Download here.


Imagini pentru suamp

1. Download Suamp
2. Search for your video
3. Enjoy music in background/ lock screen

Pros: Can import playlists from YT
Can modify equalizer directly

Cons: Bad Audio Quality
Sometimes gives errors while playing/ trying to play music
Unable to play livestreams

Download here


How to configure uTorrent / BitTorrent to download at our maximum Internet Speed

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I'm sure every person wants to use their net at maximum powers, well, that helps especially when using uTorrent / BitTorrent to get a game / movie / album, etc. , much faster.

Please note that It's impossible to download at the exact speed specified in your contract provided by the ISP. Everytime you download something from the Internet, your download speed is exactly the speed that you currently have(, divided by 8.

( -> 75Mbps)
(uTorrent/BitTorrent/Browser Download -> 75/8=9.375 Mbps)

RJ45 Ehternet Cable
( -> 441Mbps)
(uTorrent/BitTorrent/Browser Download -> 441/8=55.125 Mbps)

To increase the download speed of the two programs, we will follow these steps:

1. Go into uTorrent / BitTorrent and go to Options & Preferences.
2. We will select the bandwidth from the left menu and then look for "Number of connections"

Here we will make the following settings:
Global maximum number of connections: 9999
Maximum number of connected peers per torrent: 9999
Number of upload slots per torrent: does not matter

Then we will also go from the right menu to BitTorrent. We are looking for "Protocol encryption" and Outgoing will select "Forced".

3.After we did all of this we will go to the torrent we have to download, we will right click on it and we will press Force Start.

Please also take in condiseration that a torrent may also download slow for you due to lack of seeders! Seed torrents as long as you can!

Thursday, January 11, 2018


How to monitor your PC/Laptop's Components Temperature

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It happens from time to time that we have problems with our PC's temps (FPS Drop, etc.).
Most of the times we are not sure if temperature is the issue and we want to convince ourselves.
In this program we will see the consumption of each and every component in V (Volts).

In the program we will have four tabs.
Sensor - That component monitoredValue - Current consumption or temperature of the componentMin - Lowest consumption or lowest temperature recordedMax - Highest consumption or highest recorded temperature

Usually we are interested in the "Value" tab because there we see the temperature or consumption of the component.

In the program we will receive information about all the components, that are:
1. The motherboard2. Processor (CPU)3. Hard Disk (HDD)4. Solid State Drive (SSD) (In case we have one)5. Video card (GPU) 

For a PC we should only worry at the temperatures listed below:
Motherboard - 42 ° CProcessor - 70 ° CHard Disk - 40 ° CSSD - 40 ° CVideo card - 85 ° C

On a laptop we will only worry at these temperatures:
Motherboard - 42 ° CProcessor - 80 ° CHard Disk - 40 ° CSSD - 40 ° CVideo card - 80 ° C 

For PC:
To maintain a good airflow, blow it from dust from time to time.
Buy some case-mounting Fans to ensure a better airflow.
Use an Antivirus solution to get rid of viruses(They can cause your CPU to be used at 100% -> more heat) 
Change CPU and GPU's thermal paste from time to time(usually at least once a year)

For Laptops:
Take it to a repair shop to have it's radiator and cooler cleaned.
NEVER hold it in your lap as your legs start to heat.
NEVER block the fans' exhaust, because from there IT PULLS OUT HOT AIR!
Use it on a desk or, if you have, a wooden stand.

Final note:
Do not worry if the temperatures start rising in your PC. This is fine. Don't get panicked.
It's not like you play Pinball 3D :) Games nowadays are CPU/GPU hungry.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


How to be The Only Player(Solo) in a Public session in GTA Online (PC Only)

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I know that feel when you try to do CEO work or any other stuff in a public session and some kid destroys your work with his Hydra or a Rhino Tank.

Here is how you do it on PC:

Start GTA V -> Load Public Online Session and wait until you have control of your character

Alt-Tab in Windows and Open Task Manager(Left Ctrl + Left Shift + Esc on your keyboard)

Click on More details

Click on Performance Tab

Click on Open Resource Monitor

From here right click on GTA5.exe and select Suspend Process

Wait 10-15 seconds 

Right click on GTA5.exe and select Resume Process

Close Task Manager and go back into GTA Online

In the Left of your screen, right above the Radar, you will see that everybody magically leaves your session.

You will see this notification shortly after that.

PLEASE NOTE! You will be alone in a session but players can randomly join yours!

Your friends can also simply join your session from the 'Friends' tab in the menu!


Why Windows 10 is the WORST OS!

1.Microsoft spying on you
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Right after it's launch in July 2015, with the version 1511, a Romanian blogger detected that some Metro UI apps from Windows 10 come preinstalled with spyware:

Calendar, Mail, People ( Size: 19,3 MB , Spyware )
Cortana ( Size: 25 MB , Mobile Phone Assistant , BIG Spyware )
Finance ( Size: 17,1 MB , Spyware )
Food & Drink ( Size: 13,3 MB , Spyware )
Games ( Size: 26,2 MB , Spyware )
Health & Fitness ( Size: 17,5 MB , Spyware )
Maps ( Size: 87,6 MB , Spyware )
News ( Size: 15,4 MB , Spyware )
OneDrive ( Size: 39,9 MB , BIG Spyware )
Skype ( Size: 40,6 MB , Spyware )
Sport ( Size: 17,8 MB , Spyware )
Store ( Size: 15,38 MB , Spyware )
Travel ( Size: 16,5 MB , Spyware )
Windows Feedback ( Size: 1,6 MB , Spyware )
Weather ( Size: 14,9 MB , Spyware )

Spywares detected by SasNet Romania ~ July 19 2015

2.Constantly forces itself to update to a newer version (Anniversary, Creators Update)

The screenshot attached shows exactly how Windows 10 forced that upgrade window into my face, while I was using a School PC. And what's more, it doesn't even have a cancel option = force upgrade.

3.Get Windows 10 annoying pop-up

Imagini pentru windows 10 weather

Remember back in 2015 after it's "big" launch that Microsoft installed a program on your PC that acts as a pop-up screen to offer you to upgrade from Windows 7/8/8.1 to 10? This happened on the LIVE KCCI 8 News TV Program while the Weather was being presented to the public. Also, here is a news report that shows a woman's PC was forcefully upgraded from Win7 to Win10:

4.We couldn't complete the updates. Undoing changes.

Imagine similară

This image speaks for itself. As stated in the 2nd reason, force updates but failures after failures.

5.Auto schedules itself restart times(Active Hours)
Imagini pentru windows 10 schedule restart

Did I convince you that Windows 10 is THE WORST OS? Good.

Windows 7 & 8.1 FTW!